Installation Guide
Here, we'll walk you through the steps to install the add-on.
Install Websheet
First things first!

You'll need to install the add-on – just visit G-suit to do so. Make sure that You are loged in Your google account for which You would like to use the plugin.

After succesfull installing the plugin, please follow all next steps mentioned here to verify all is working. Click on the images to enlarge them, they contain hints for most steps.
Duplicate Our Template Sheet
Duplicate Template
Once you've installed Websheet, visit our public Websheet Guide template spreadsheet linked here. After opening the link click on Copy Spreadsheet. This will copy the Corporate Blog Spreadsheet. The copied Spreadsheet will be used by You to edit Your website in the next steps. You can also use any other Template, just visit
Register Your Template
Launch Websheet
Now that you've made your copy of the template sheet, in the copied Spradsheet You will need to:
  1. Launch Websheet, which you'll find under Add-ons in the main Spreadsheet menu.
  2. Then, you'll need to click on Launch in the Websheet Sidebar which will appear on the right side once more, this will open an new website to confirm the registration of Your Spreadsheet. You can now close the Website.
  3. Go back to Your copied spreadsheet
  4. In the Sidebar click Continue. Then you should see the message Template Registered.
  5. You can now close the Template Registered Window.
View Pages
View Page
In the sidebar, you'll see the Pages tab, click it.

Here, you can see all the pages that have been added. If you click on the triple dot icons next to each page, you can review each page.
Change the Content
Change Here
Websheet detects any changes you make within your sheet and updates your site accordingly.
Let's test this out –

  1. go to the Home sheet and click on cell B5 and than in the sidebar . Now put into Title your own Text and Save Changes.
  2. Let's also change the Blog Posts go for that to the Blog sheet, and replace the Text in the Blog Sheet (Cell E5) with your own details. You can do that by simple editing the cell or by clicking agin on the Edit Block button which will open an Editor which have lot of extra functions.
  3. In the Blog Sheet You may also on A4 checkbox to uncheck the checkbox. This will cause the last post be hidden.
Verify Your Changes
Published Message
Made the change? After a couple of seconds, you should see a push message in the bottom right-hand corner saying Published.

Now go back to Pages Tab in the sidebar and view the Home page – your changes should now be there!
Websheet'smissionis to help you easily create the website of your dreams. Explore the thousands of possibilities.