General FAQs
Please review qeustions which are often asked by our users. Still can't find what You need here please try to review our Documentantion and Community Forum.
Check firstly to see if your published is currently unpaused, and then check if your spreadsheet is registered.
Just press alt + enter.
Formulas may sometimes get stuck loading. Websheet will attempt to fix cells in which this is happening 3 times. You'll see a message regarding the problematic cells in the bottom right-hand corner. Stop Editing Cells until You see published message. You can also try to fix the loading issue yourself by selecting the affected cell, and pressing ctrl+X and ctrl+V. This forces the formula to be reapplied.
If your website is no longer updating, get in touch with us by sending us a ticket via
Click on the top triple dot icon, followed by spreadsheet overview. You can choose to pause updates for or unregister any spreadsheet.
WEBSHEET does not recognize that your spreadsheet has been moved to trash. If you do permanently remove your spreadsheet, Websheet will remove your website after a certain number of days. However, the fastest way to unpublish a site is to do it in the way detailed in the previous question directly from the spreadsheet.
Yes! For more instructions on this, click on the triple dot icon in the sidebar followed by site settings, and set up your own domain under the brand tab.
Many list Blocks have filters. You can activate them under Block settings in the Block editor, and then by setting Filter_Show to true.
Each list supporting icons allows you to set a default icon, which will then be used whenever an image item is left empty.
Check out this guide with some useful tips on how to resolve this! ViewLink[]
Blocks are essentially custom formulas added to your sheet with the Websheet plug-in. Each Block has custom parameters for you to edit using the Block editor or the native formula editor.
There are usually 2 possible reasons for this:

A) Websheet found a cell with #ERROR or #NAME. When this happens, it usually tries to replace the given cell with the last known Block to work within that specific cell. To resolve this, make sure none of your cells are returning errors.

B) You may have a Block Formula hidden somewhere, e.g. in a group or inside a cell with white text. Double check to make sure this is not the case.
There are a couple of things you should do if you notice a Block missing: A) Make sure your Block doesn't have hidden enabled for it within the Block settings. B) Double check to make sure you've added your Block to the right page. C) Confirm that the Block hasn't returned an error – if so, resolve the error for it to display. D) If used in the same row, remove the formula WEBHIDEROW(). E) Check your Block width settings and ensure this is set to a value other than Hide.
Go to your site settings, menu, and then ensure Hide Top Bar isn't active.
Of course! It's very easy to add multiple languages to your site with Websheet. Visit the tutorial for more information.
Yes – Websheet is currently free! We reserve the right for this to change in the future, however.
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